A person generally has occasion to employ a land surveyor only once or twice in a lifetime. To help in making such a selection, the answers to a few common questions are noted below. 


Will you show me exactly what I own?

Not exactly, a surveyor will give you his professional opinion of what the records and facts indicate your ownership to be. This opinion is satisfactory in over 99% of surveys. Only a court of law can determine ownership more precisely than a surveyor. 


Can you aid in subdividing my land?

Yes, a surveyor can prepare a description for a newly created parcel of land. We can prepare an individual description of legal plat with lot of parcel numbers for recording. 


What final product will I be furnished?

The final product will vary with each survey, depending upon the reason for the survey. Generally you will be furnished with a certified plat or map showing what the surveyor has done and the corners of your tract will be monumented or otherwise identified. Often a description of the tract is prepared and shown on the plat. 


Should I employ a surveyor on the basis of price?

No. Competency and responsibility are of the first importance. Since low cost and high quality are frequently inconsistent, and because of the uncertainties involved in judging the amount of work necessary to produce a quality survey, it is unreasonable and against your best interest to expect a "bid" on a project. Surveyors are bound by a code of ethics. 

“In the fast paced environment that I work in, Miller Land Surveying meets and exceeds my expectations. They provide expert engineering and surveying services in the numerous jurisdictions where my projects occur.”
— J.R. Parent - Yellow Retirement Communities - Fort Wayne, IN